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Tessa Bailey kimdir?

Tessa Bailey Kitapları - Eserleri

  • Sen Benimsin
  • It Happened One Summer
  • Window Shopping
  • Fix Her Up
  • Love Her or Lose Her
  • Captivated
  • Reborn Yesterday

Tessa Bailey Alıntıları - Sözleri

  • “I pack every ounce of love for him into a smile. “I matching robes love you.” “I matching robes love you back,” he rasps, emotion weighing down every word.” (Window Shopping)
  • “It’s weird. When you’re younger, you think you know everything. Then you get older and live in constant awareness of how little you actually know and understand.” (Window Shopping)
  • “Yürüdüğün yolu sevmiyorsan kendine başka bir yol çizmeye başla.” (Sen Benimsin)
  • It didn't seem fair that people who'd been soo rooted to this earth with their routines could just be gone. (Love Her or Lose Her)
  • I realize in this moment with absolute clarity that I don’t want to be accepted by them. God, no. I no longer accept them. (Window Shopping)
  • “Ah. Do you look for the bad in people?” “Oh, my affliction is way worse than Piper’s; I like the bad in people.” (It Happened One Summer)
  • "..yürüdüğün yolu sevmiyorsan, kendine başka bir yol çizmeye başla.." (Sen Benimsin)
  • "Ah yes," Georgie said. "The classic sitting-only shoe. Extremely practical." Rosie chuckled and stood up, taking a runway strut out of the closet and back. "Practical or not, they're designed to put impure thoughts in a man's head." (Love Her or Lose Her)
  • Christ, his best friend was already such a dad. Travis couldn't even commit to a toothpaste brand. "She was on vacation in New York, visiting from Georgia. Saw her crossing an intersection in Manhattan. I pulled over, asked her to lunch, and she never went home." "I told you before, bro. That sounds more like kidnapping." (Fix Her Up)
  • His chest rose and fell, and he stepped forward again. “Is that my shirt, honey?” Honey. Why’d he have to go and call her that? “No, I have one just like it.” “Piper.” “Mmm?” “Please. Please come here. (It Happened One Summer)
  • İnanılmaz. O taşındığından beri neredeyse hiç konuşmamışlardı, ancak iki kat öteden zihinsel olarak birbirlerinin beyinlerini patlatıyorlardı. (Captivated)
  • Travis swallowed and brushed the hair back from Georgie's face. "Thanks, man." He looked at Stephen. "I'll make sure she knows every single day that she's the air I breathe. That's a promise." (Fix Her Up)
  • I havent forgotten a single second with you. (Love Her or Lose Her)
  • Will you please just consider the possibility that I love you more than you realize or than I'm capable of expressing with words? (Love Her or Lose Her)
  • An unrestrained laugh tumbles from my mouth before I can stop it or even think about swallowing the sound—and his knee stops bouncing abruptly. In the ensuing silence, the only sound is Aiden exhaling unevenly. “Now that’s a laugh worth waiting around for, Stella.” Then, more to himself, “I was wondering if you were ever going to let me hear it.” (Window Shopping)
  • I'll love you until my heart gives out. I'll be your man for a thousand years. Longer if I'm allowed. (It Happened One Summer)
  • Piper rolled her eyes. “What is it like having such an accurate sense of where things belong? And who belongs where?” Still scouting for critters, she said absently, “I can be in a room full of people that I know and still not feel like I belong.” (It Happened One Summer)
  • “I’ll love you until my heart gives out. I’ll be your man for a thousand years. Longer if I’m allowed.” (It Happened One Summer)
  • 'Ama bir şey daha var'. Derek öne doğru eğildi, ellerini tezgahın her iki tarafına dayadı, sonra başını aşağıya daldırdı. Ginger’ın zihni, boynunu uzun bir yalamak için dilini yukarı doğru hareket ettirdi. `` Uylukların arasına girmem daha uzun sürüyor, sonunda oraya vardığımda olacağım pürüzlü. Anlama'? (evet Derek ') Bunu hissediyor musun bebeğim? Bu senin içinde hareket eden adamın. ' (Fix Her Up)
  • "Look at you. You know? You're the most incredible woman I've ever seen. So beautiful you make me ache. And you've got a heart to match. You're patient and dedicated and kind. A man who never worried about doing enough to earn you? That man would be an idiot." (Love Her or Lose Her)



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